How to Make BIG $$$ as a Freelance Spot News Photographer

is a remarkable profession.

Whether on assignment or freelancing, you get to meet people from all walks of life and see things that few other jobs give you the opportunity to see.

You get to document real history in the making.

It's a unique job. And one well within your reach, if you just pursue it the right way. As a professional.

Why I'm Wrote this Book
I get calls all the time from people who want to know how to get started in this business.

Lots of other photographers tell these people that it's impossible--there's little work for anyone but staffers and no one's going anywhere soon, so forget about it.

That's simply not true. There are lots of people getting in the door. Some do it repeatedly and end up picking up an occasional assignment, and then, eventually, a few get taken on as staff photographers.

That's my experience. That's why I wrote this book--to tell you the ins and outs and how you can succeed in this business doing what these other photographers, who've I've watched succeed, do.

Follow my advice, be professional, and you'll succeed as well.

Topics Covered
•Camera Equipment
•Spot News: Fires, Car Accidents, etc.
•Getting Press Credentials
•Dealing with Police/Fire
•Quick Thinking
•Approaching Photo Editors
•At the Newspaper Office
•Making a Portfolio
•How to Shoot Sports
•Getting Pro Sports Credentials
•Adding Portraits to your Portfolio
•Joining Photojournalist Organizations
•Computers and Software


Good Luck with your

--Kenneth Wajda

House Fire in Trenton, New Jersey

Learn how to be a
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"How to Make Big $$$ as a Freelance Spot News Photographer
by Kenneth Wajda

Kenneth Wajda is an award-winning photojournalist, travel/nature photographer and author with over 15 years professional experience.

He was a staff photographer at the Trenton Times (NJ) newspaper and a frequent contributor to New Jersey Outdoors magazine before moving to Colorado in 2001.

Check out his portfolio here.

"How to Make Big $$$ as a Freelance
Spot News Photographer
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