Sunrise Nature/Wildlife Photo Shoot
with Professional Photographer Kenneth Wajda

Images from a Summer 2004 Sunrise Photo Shoot - Westcliffe, Colorado
(Weather: Sunny/Clear with Period of Overcast Sky)
Sunrise Nature/Wildlife Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
A Pink Sky at First Light, Westcliffe, Colorado

Sunrise Nature/Wildlife Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
A Photographer Shoots Grape Creek in Westcliffe, CO at Sunrise

Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
Wild Grass, Westcliffe, Colorado

Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
Grape Creek and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Westcliffe, Colorado

Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
A Photographer at Work, Westcliffe, Colorado - Read her Testimonial

Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
Wildflower alongside Grape Creek, Westcliffe, Colorado

Photo Shoot in Westcliffe, Colorado
Grape Creek and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Westcliffe, Colorado


We, especially me, learned so much today. I can hardly believe everything
that's missed at daylight!

The information you provide was delivered in such a way that even weekend photobugs feel like pros. You're open & patient, & your teaching enjoyment really shows through.

That alone makes all the difference. I sure wish you lived in California. I
would take another class in a heartbeat.

I can't thank you enough for a wonderful shoot! Now its time to see what all I've been missing at sunsets.

Vicki, California

Sunrise Nature/Wildflower Photo Shoot
with Professional Photographer Kenneth Wajda

Cost: $195

NEW: For 2008, all of Kenneth's Photo Shoots
are Solo Shoots and are available
weekends and weekdays.

Info: 303.823.6399


Kenneth Wajda genuinely enjoys teaching others about photography. His unique "Sunrise Nature/Wildflower Photo Shoot," held in the beautifully scenic Colorado Rocky Mountains, gives photographers of all levels the opportunity to work right alongside a professional nature photographer. It's a chance to peer through a pro's camera and ask questions while learning how he approaches his subject.

Kenneth is an award-winning photojournalist, travel/nature photographer and author with over 20 years of professional experience. He was a staff photographer at the Trenton Times (NJ) newspaper and a frequent contributor to New Jersey Outdoors magazine before moving to Colorado in 2001.

He now resides in Lyons, Colorado, where he works as a commercial freelance photographer and teaches travel and nature photography.

"This is an actual photo shoot, not a class," Wajda said. "Participants will be taking photographs in the field working right alongside me. I'll assist them, answer their questions and offer tips. I'll thoroughly explain how I approach my subject and why I work the way I do. They will also have the opportunity to look through my camera to see the framing I've chosen."

Past participants have said this is a unique photo shoot that is quite an eye-opener to the realities of professional nature photography.

"It will jump start any photographer's creativity," said Wajda, "especially photographers interested in wildflowers, mountains, lakes, streams and when we're lucky, bighorn sheep, elk and mule deer."

All photographers are required to bring a camera and film to the Sunrise Nature/Wildflower Photo Shoot. Any camera will work, film or digital-even a point and shoot-but Wajda recommends a 35mm SLR and a slow-speed slide film like Fuji Velvia or a 4MP+ Digital SLR. A tripod is strongly recommended as well.

Wajda also strongly suggests participants dress for the weather and bring raingear.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a professional photographer--to experience his approach to nature/wildlife photography first-hand.

"People really learn through this program," Wajda said. "A few weeks back, a woman asked if there's a special filter to make waterfalls have that 'flowing' look. I was able to work the shoot over toward a waterfall where she learned to make that kind of photograph," Wajda said. "It's done with a slow shutter speed. You don't get that from a book or in a classroom."

The cost for the Sunrise Nature/Wildflower Photo Shoot is $195 and Kenneth only offers solo photo shoots at this time. Interested photographers should call to reserve a space: 303.823.6399.

Kenneth is also available for educational presentations to camera clubs and organized groups year-round.

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