Award-Winning Portrait Photographer

I’m a professional portrait photographer, a job I consider one of the best and genuinely a privilege to have. I get to document people and their worlds and create images that let them tell their stories that will live on to future generations.

I specialize in Family Portraits at Weddings made during your wedding reception, High School Senior Portraits as these young adults move on to college and their future careers, plus senior citizens portraits through The Wise Photo Project.

I’ve photographed famous people, Senators and U.S. Presidents, rock stars and movie actors.  None of them compare to a portrait of your grandpop that captures the light in his eye, that will live with you on your bedside dresser or kitchen shelf.  Those are the photographs that matter most–the most important work I do.

Wedding Portrait Studio


A glamorous portrait studio at your wedding reception.  I make wonderful family portraits  of your guests and family members at your wedding.  A high-quality special addition to the wedding and a great thank you gift to your guests.

All-inclusive digital and print packages available. For information and to check your wedding date availability, call 720.982.9237


Senior Portraits

My senior portrait sessions always fill up because I am all about your story, getting an amazing portrait of you.

That’s why there is no set time limit, no number of locations or wardrobe changes.  We’re working to create something artful. We work without limits.

We work until you get the photographs that show you at your best, in great light, that you’ll be proud to show your children and future generations. Amazing, rock star that you are!

Because the camera doesn’t make your portrait. I do. And if you get someone else, well, it’ll be something else.