Wedding & Family Documentary Photojournalist


You’ll have tears in your eyes.  A lump in your throat.  And the hair will stand up on the back of your neck.  

I want you to feel the emotion of your day, the way your guests felt it.  I photograph your wedding and deliver beautiful photographs the likes of which only a wedding photojournalist can create.  No shot list.  No pushy directions.  No staging and creating moments.

Real moments.  Truthful photography.

You’ll get to experience what your guests saw and the details that you missed.  I do that by working unobtrusively, using small cameras, staying in close to you and your guests and by being as discreet as possible.

A documentary wedding photographer is unlike most wedding photographers, we capture those precious little moments. The special candid photographs. The magical ones. The twinkle of an eye. A touch of a hand.

The special shots that make it into your home, framed, to live with, they’re so wonderful.

I am a storyteller with a camera. I’m there to catch the moments that aren’t part of a regular wedding photographer’s shot list. I shoot photographs with small unobtrusive cameras and I get inside the wedding, inside their view.  I watch the wedding from a guest’s point of view.

Guests may not even realize I’m working for you. I dress like your guests. I interact with your guests.

I don’t set anything up. I blend in, I’m essentially a guest with a camera. Only my camera sees the small details that would otherwise go missed.

I’m unobtrusive, I don’t direct anyone. My style is genuinely documentary.

Photojournalists make the best documentary photographers because we’re trained to watch for the details.  That’s why photojournalists are often street documentary shooters, too. We see the moment. And we get the shot. In an instant. We’re always ready to shoot.

I’ve been an award-winning working photojournalist for over 30 years, having shot for daily newspapers and being published across the U.S. via the Associated Press.

I shoot mostly black and white at your wedding using small cameras and lenses that go unnoticed. No shot list. No groups or posed photographs. Just what I see–you’re paying for my eye to keep a watch out for those special moments.

NOTE: If you already have a wedding photographer, great. I don’t replace them. They’ll shoot the standard shots on the list and the group shots. I shoot the “other” shots. The special shots. You know, the ones that people say “Ohmigod” when they see them.

If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

I’m taking on a handful of bookings this year for brides and grooms who would like to bring a photojournalist’s eye to their wedding, as an addition to their regular wedding photographer.

I don’t have packages with names like Silver and Gold.  I charge a flat $2500. You get all the digital files plus a wedding book, a slideshow, and 30 years of experience. Simple as that.

Your other guests may not even notice I’m there. I’m watching for their tears, smiles, embraces–magical moments of beauty that really show what your wedding felt like.

My artwork is a luxury product for an affluent client.

I’m your documentary photographer. I’ll get your story photos, the ones that show the passion and joy. I’ll make you feel your wedding day.

I offer a similar service documenting a day in the life of a family, creating photographs that are about who you are and the joy you experience as a family.