Street Life Documentary Photography

Back when I was working as a newspaper photographer, I would often be sent out to get a “weather photo”, some pictorial photograph or a graphic photo to use on the front page for the weather report.   They were called roamers, because you roamed around looking for interesting people doing interesting things outside of your regular assignments.

Street photography has a long history from the 1930s on by the likes of famous names like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Mary Ellen Mark, and Elliott Erwitt, to name a few.  They were searching for stories of real life in the street.  That’s what these photographs are, stories from the streets made between commercial assignments in cities throughout the U.S.

Photographing in various cities gives me the opportunity to seek out stories and be at the ready to document it at a moment’s notice–and that reflex carries forth to my commercial work, especially event coverage and documentary editorial work.