Kenneth Wajda Films
Kenneth Wajda is a writer and director with several award-winning short films currently on the film festival circuit. All the films below have played at film festivals in the U.S.

Morning HoneyThe Back Tenant

The FamousThe Bike Ride

Foot SoldierUltimate Bike Race Fan


Kenneth Wajda has two completed screenplays, A RIDE WITH KATE and NO EARLYBIRDS that he is seeking representation for currently.
He is influenced by many filmmakers including: Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Trauffaut, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Alexander Payne, Ed Burns and the Coen and Duplass Brothers.
Kenneth is a filmmaker with a passion for stories with strong characters. He predominantly writes comedic and relationship stories.
He has written and directed several films for the Wingman Project, a U.S. Air National Guard suicide prevention program.
He wrote and directed a web TV series, Girl For Rent, the story of a single woman who uses a house for rent sign to meet single men—complete with credit check.
Kenneth's IMDb page is here.
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