Hollywood Wedding Photo Booth

Glamorous Portrait Studio At Your Wedding
(Just like at the Oscars and Sundance Film Festival)

 See why brides and grooms are bringing in a glamorous studio instead of a photo booth.

You are all the stars of your family.  Now, I’ve photographed U.S. Presidents, movie stars and rock stars, but there’s nothing as amazing to me than capturing the faces of your loved ones in attendance at your wedding–there to celebrate their love for you and and your spouse.

Photos for social media, for your wedding web site as well as prints are included (and an extra copy of the prints for your wedding album, too.)

Besides the bridal formals, all of the guests are dressed up and it is an ideal time for them to get beautiful portraits. Grandparents with grandkids. Parents with their parents. Young couples.

People aren’t getting family photos made much nowadays, and while they’re your guest at your wedding, you can create photographs of them that are so beautiful, they will be kept in your family for generations so your grandchildren and great grandchildren will always know who these most special people are in your life.

There’s nothing more glamorous than a high-quality portrait in black and white. And who does that anymore, who gets one made, besides celebrities posing for magazine stories in Vanity Fair, Vogue, or Rolling Stone?

Now, your wedding guests will have that opportunity for a dazzling real film portrait photo that will rival Brad Pitt’s and Nicole Kidman’s portraits. (Kenneth also photographs at VIP events, but there’s no VIP like our family!)

And each portrait only takes one minute! 

Formal, on-site Legacy Portraits on real Film!

Hollywood has been bringing film photographers to events like the Oscars ceremony, and the Sundance Film Festival.

Using real film, I shoot with the best professional cameras of the analog era–Hasselblad 6×6, Rolleiflex, up to 4×5 Film. I bring a background, light modifiers, Victorian furniture, and a full studio setup.  The result is artful, formal portraiture, archival prints, even available matted, framed and ready for display. Traditional darkroom hand-printing is also available.

Your guests can also write out personal messages or tell stories to go with the photos, like you may have seen in Humans of New York.

These legacy portraits will last for generations and will be cherished as they are experienced on a daily basis in your families’ home, on your walls.

Pro lab quality prints are available in any size to suit your space, as well as professional framing and mats in various colors, woods or metals.

Wedding portrait studio shoots are available in Denver, Boulder, throughout Colorado’s front range and western slope, and throughout the U.S. as destination weddings.

Available for indoor or outdoor weddings.

Call for a rate package customized to your wedding plan. 720.982.9237 or Email: KW@HollywoodWeddingPhotoBooth.com