VIP Portraits


You have an amazing charity event coming up.  VIPs, local celebrities, maybe even national celebrities in attendance.   I want to make beautiful portraits of your VIPs and your guests! I work with your budget, even sometimes at cost or pro-bono for non-profits.

I offer photo shoots on real film, 4×5 and 6×6 and 35mm, in addition to digital, and your honorees and guests feel like a million bucks with the “big camera” treatment, not to mention the photographs we create!

I love to bring my passion for portraiture to capture the dignitaries and special guests at your event. I bring a small portable studio to the event and just need a small 12’x12′ area to set up.

These capture the wonderful personalities of the VIPs at a recent event.

I have a portable studio that I can bring to your event.

I’ve photographed at many charity and black-tie events in front of step-and-repeats, but this is a much more formal portrait that I can make–an actual studio-quality portrait, not a snapshot.

I look forward to meeting you to chat about bringing the studio to your event.

Years ago, Richard Avedon, a famous fashion photographer for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, used to photograph many celebrities, and I am inspired by his work.